How to counter against deadly weekly assessments ?

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How to counter against deadly weekly assessments ?

Postby 141210005 » Tue Mar 22, 2016 3:12 pm

Honestly, I am still pretty shocked about my current amount of assessments that I have received in just these two days. For now there are two of them; weekly presentation and weekly semantic mapping. I know these two will be beneficial but definitely not worth the effort and troubles, especially for students who both work and study.

I am not working and yet I feel a great pressure due to my focus on something else. As far as I concern, semantic mapping is not really effective especially in my class. A certain incident happened that the semantic mapping is cancelled in the next semester ( a certain lecturer of our faculty definitely knows which class I refer to ). Weekly presentation is beneficial but a good weekly homework for working students. Probably no one cares about how hard it is for working students to spare their active time for study or they are testing which students should be here or not by giving these weekly terrors.

I don't think time arrangement is effective because I will have to either reduce my resting time or working time with few possible consequences. Any great tips to counter these ?
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